Thursday, September 6, 2007

Budicek (Booty Check)

This is the way we began each day at camp last month. The word means "wake up" and it was accompanied by either a shofar or a trumpet each morning at 7am. After exercises and clean up we were treated to a piece of bread with ham on it which amounted to breakfast and then the day really got going. English classes, sports, afternoon hikes and games in the woods. My favorite part was the evening campfires. One night we roasted sausages, another night marshmallows. We took cold swims in the pools filled with lake water, learned to make hot-air balloons, put on skits for the kids and told them about Jesus. All in all it was a wonderful week--a little less ambiance than we city-folk are used to but it was fun and we really bonded with the kids and adults at the camp. David and Lauren were a huge help and they also made friends, used their Czech skills and had a great time. Jess and Andrew had a blast after getting over the first few days of home-sickness (they were at the camp for 2 weeks, we came only for the 2nd week). We praise God for a great time and for evidence that the 40 plus kids there drew closer to the Lord during the week. Thank you for praying.

The campsite

Our little house

Pres and I relaxing

David pitching

Darin's baseball team