Saturday, September 20, 2008

A New School Year

School is going in full swing now and so are ministry opportunities for all of us. I love the freshness of these new beginnings. God has brought so many opportunities to our family to share the love of Christ with those around us. Please be in prayer for God to be glorified through these.

English Club
--Our family had a great time at English Camp in August. Eight kids from English Club came and had a wonderful time. Pepa and Krystina seemed to bond with the church kids and counselors alike. They were both at club this past Sunday for the first meeting, excited to be together again. We have new leadership this year. Please pray for David and Lauren and Jessica as they help translate and serve during this weekly ministry.

High School Girls--I have begun teaching the HS girls Bible study for the kid's international youth group. I've got about 20 girls. They are precious. They range from Mks to totally secular. There are such needs there as many are questioning their relationship with God and how to live for Christ. Several of the girls are not yet believers but are searching. Please pray for them to seek for truth with all their hearts and for me to be a good guide in leading them to it.

Adult English Classes--Preston and I both started teaching English again this past Sunday night to the parents of the English club kids. We had 5 students. All but one were returning from last year. Please pray for more to come and for these relationships lead to opportunities to share the Gospel.

Lubos--Preston is discipling a young Czech man who is a new believer. He is precious and fun to teach because he is so excited to learn. He has been spending Thursday nights with our family at dinner and then studying the Word with Preston. Jiri, our Czech friend is also joining them when he can. There is another new believer that they are going to invite to join the group. Please pray for this to be a good time of discipling and for God to bring others to join the group.

Worship Team--Both David and Lauren have taken on roles this year of being on the worship team at their youth group, church and in chapel services. David is singing and playing guitar, Lauren is playing the drums. Please pray for them to be good leaders for their peers and to stay consistent in their times with the Lord so that their worship truly comes from the heart.

Homeless ministry--David has begun going to the square near our house and giving food out to the homeless people there. Please pray for him to see a good response in this practical sharing of his faith and pray for the men and women he feeds to hunger for God.

School--Many new kids have come to the kids' school this year and many of those are unbelievers. All of the kids are aware that this is a mission field for them and are striving to be good examples and show Christ's love to their classmates. Lauren, esp., is befriending some new girls who are definitely not believers, ask a lot of questions and are genuinely curious about her faith. She is spending time with them and bringing them to Bible study. Please pray for her to be very strong in her faith as these girls will also seek to influence her. Pray for her to have much grace and to guard her heart. Pray also for insight and the ability to know how to reach these girls. Pray that her quiet times stay consistent and that she be ready to answer their questions with biblical responses.

Czech friends--we made many new friends this year at the family English Camp. Pray that we will be able to continue these relationships throughout the year.

We are excited about the ways God wants to use us this year. Thank you so much for your prayers on our behalf. Please also pray for the International Mission Board. They are making some big changes in strategy that will affect our ministries and where we live. Pray for wisdom for those in leadership and for us to have peace as we wait to hear how all of this will affect us.

We love you.