Monday, March 26, 2007

Phew! Glad That's Over!

The 1/2 Marathon was this past Saturday. It was a real challenge, but I made it and I didn't come in last! It was such a personal testimony for me because when I was diagnosed with Asthma 8 years ago I was afraid I would not be able to run anymore-something I had enjoyed since high school. 8 years ago, 3 miles was a long way for me. This past weekend I ran 13 without a problem. I am so grateful for God restoring my health!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm Home

My trip to Macedonia was really good. We got great interviews and video footage of the Roma people and heard stories of how God is at work among them in South Europe. Macedonia is a fascinating place with ruins that date back to Jesus' time. The city is now divided by a river with mosques towering over one side and an Orthodox cross over the other. The Roma are nominally Muslim but have never really given their hearts to any religion. They are one of the few people groups who have never had a significant religious revival in their history. We are praying for one now. Please pray with us.

I was accompanied on my trip by Kara and Krystal from Campbellsville Universtiy in Kentucky. Kara is a professor and Krystal is a student. They did great work and managed to survive a rough couple of days in an apartment with little heat, a clogged up tub and an challenging toilet. We were all tired and ready to get back to Prague, but we saw God use us, so it was very good.

Friday, March 2, 2007

It's Over

SC Training is winding down and it was truly a great month. It is so exciting to talk to these missionaries who are strategizing, praying, fasting, planning, and anxiously awaiting for all God wants to do. I, Karen, got to sit down with each family and talk about the things God is doing in their fields. One of the greatest blessings was a leader in Hungary who had come to present a leadership seminar. He told me that his 10-year-old daughter is eager to win her friends to Christ. She has, on her own, started a bible study with friends from school. Isn't that awesome! I love that.

Another leader who was here from Russia to present some material shared with me some very difficult news about the state of things in Russia. He truly believes that the door that was opened with the fall of communism for missionaries to come freely into the country is definately closing. New laws on the books are making it harder and more expensive for a foreigner to live there and are imposing steep fines for the Russian organizations that host them. Last year alone he saw two missionary teams kicked out of the country and two volunteer teams arrested. Rules that govern evangelism and church planting are also stringent. The good news is that the Russian believers are really catching a vision for church planting and have even begun a type of home-missionary offering in one part of the country to help send their own people out as home missionaries. We praise God for the work he is doing. Please pray for these people and our missionaries who are there serving them.

Another benefit of SC training is that a group of volunteers come to teach and love on the kids that are here with their families. Jessica and Andrew also get to go and hang out with the "grandmas." They take trips to the zoo, the museum, sea world, etc. Plus they get great time with other MKs and do bible studies with kids their age.

David and Lauren help out when they are needed. This past week David delivered 25 happy meals to the hotel on Valentine's night while the parents were out on a date. Lauren helped transport babies from one location to another. Thank you all for your prayers over the last 3 weeks.