Monday, September 20, 2010

Did you Feel that?

Steve and Lubos baptize Lubos' mother, Sonya

Zdenka came to Bridge Community for the first time last night. She is a friend of Sonya. After the service Zdenka turned to Sonya and asked, "did you feel that?" Sonya asked her what she was talking about and Zdenka said that it was like the preacher was talking only to her. "That's God drawing you to Himself," Sonya said.

Sonya is a new believer. She came to Christ last year through the testimony of her son, Lubos. She's been telling Zdenka about her new relationship with Christ and gave her a bible, which Zdenka is faithfully reading. Please pray for her as God draws her. Pray for her to respond and not push away. Pray for Sonya's consistent testimony.

Lubos is a fairly new believer as well. Preston is discipling him. He is faithful to come several times a week to our home where he and Pres talk about scripture and work on memory verses. Pray for him as he continues to grow in his faith.

Bridge Community is the church plant we are working with. It is headed up by the leaders of the Prague team, Steve and April Brown. Lauren and I are leading music on Sunday nights and Preston is preaching every other week. We have a young Czech couple who is working with this effort as well, Martin and Tereza. Please pray for them as Martin is beginning to preach some and they are key to helping us reach the Czechs in Prague. Pray for them to be continually drawn to God. They have such sweet spirits, are newlyweds, are seeking to follow God. Martin is a seminary student.

Thank you for your prayers. I will keep you updated.