Friday, March 25, 2011

Heaven is for real

I just finished reading the book Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. Fascinating story. And what I love about it is that this kid is confirming so many things we already know to be true--biblical truths that we believe by faith, but he saw with his eyes. And he's staying true to the facts. Jesus is the only way. God is three in one. Our loved ones are waiting for us. Jesus has wounds on his hands and feet. I don't know how to explain what happened to this little guy, but do I think its possible he went and sat on Jesus' lap? Absolutely. And reading the book has reminded me of all I have to look forward to when I get my turn on Jesus' lap. I can't wait to see my dad and my grandmom and even a baby brother or sister I never met. Heaven is a real place for real people.

That reminder also encourages me in our work as missionaries. Our mission to tell others about Christ isn't just a battle of opinions. I'm not just playing my role in "he said, she said" about world religions, defending my heritage and my church. I'm offering a choice between life and death--one that is real and lasting. I found the contrast interesting that in this little boys experience in heaven, he didn't see everyone from his family and Jesus didn't tell him that all are welcome. This is in contrast to Rob Bell's new book Love Wins, which wrongly teaches that everybody is going to heaven, regardless of their relationship with Christ, our Savior. As we continue to share Christ with Czechs, our prayer is that many will be saved. The reminder of the reality of heaven has made our mission all the more urgent.

Please pray for our English students. We are planning a family camp for this summer and expect about 40 people. Preston and I have never planned one of these ourselves so please pray as we recruit volunteers, put together a program and work out the details. This group continues to meet weekly where we often throw out spiritual topics to discuss. There is really very little interest on their part. Please pray for them to be hungry spiritually. During our camp, I want to share the message of Christ clearly and we are praying that they will be ready to respond at that time. In fact, God has led me to pray for each one of our regular students by name every day. If you feel led, please join me in this. Their names are: Jan, Ladya, Eva, Ivana, Renata, Martin, Petr, Dasa, Dominika, Robert, Lenka, Ladya (another one), Ana. I would covet your intercession on their behalf.

Also continue to pray for Lubos as Preston disciples him. He is seeing an amazing ministry begin through teaching boxing. It has been his dream to do that full time, professionally and is now working on gathering start up money for a gym. Please pray for him as he trusts God to provide for his needs and his future. Pray, too, for his testimony as he shares Christ with these men.

Preston is making great progress in contacting and assessing needs of seminaries in Europe. He has been teaching at a couple of those schools and helping put together some modular programs. Please continue to pray for the seminary in Serbia, Czech, Germany and Ukraine.

I have taken on some new writing responsibilities and ask for your prayers as I balance my time between that, family and local ministry. The youth ministry we are involved in , Youth Praha, is going very well. God is at work among these kids and its a blessing to see.

Thank you for your faithfulness in praying for us. We love you.