Thursday, May 15, 2008

Disciple Now, English Classes and Upcoming Camps

Last weekend our kids were involved in a Disciple Now weekend. It was for the elementary students, 1-6 grades, and was hosted by a fellow missionary family in the Czech Republic. All the younger MKs spent the weekend together in Brno, playing, learning and enjoying being together. David and Lauren were asked to be helpers for the weekend. They led discussions and games. helped with the handouts and in general, tried to keep order. It was a great couple of days for all of them.

English clubs worst enemy is Spring. The Czech tradition is once the snow has melted, weekends are spent at the chata (country house). Getting back for Enlish on Sunday night is often not a priority. Thus, we have seen numbers dwindle since Easter. I have had no one in my class for 4 weeks. Preston has had 1-2 students out of 12, the kids numbers have been way down as well. It's disappointing, but not unexpected. Please continue to pray for my ladies. I felt led to be bold the last few times we were together, knowing that I may not have the chance again. I'm so glad I was. They have heard the truth now and I know they are thinking about all that we discussed. Please pray for us to see each other randomly this summer.

The good news is that from kids club, 9 have signed up for our annual English camp. This is a church-sponsored camp and normally there are about 50 kids. Not all are believers but many come from "christian" homes. Last year only 2 from our English club attended. 9 is a great number and that doesn't include our kids.

Also good is that we are still planning the program for this summer. We desperately need musicians and there are three young men from Georgia that are trying to come and help us out. We are very excited about the possibility, but the tickets aren't bought yet. Please pray for them as they plan and try to finance this trip. We don't have a great back-up plan if they don't come, so please pray for God's provision. Music is really important in this culture and it touches their hearts like nothing else.

I do ask for your prayers for our entire region right now. Our regional leader has resigned and it has really thrown all of us for a loop. We love him and support him in what He has done, but the circumstances leading to his resignation grieve us (disagreement over board policies). Please pray for us as we all consider the implications of his convictions as well as the board's policies. We all need direction in knowing how to glorify God in this situation. Also pray for us as a new RL is chosen. Who he is and how he leads will directly affect our ministry here in Prague. We aren't sure what the future holds.

Preston's trip to the States in April went very well. He really enjoyed his time with our first church. It was good to see old friends. He has no more trips planned until next fall!!! We are all excited about that.

School is winding down for the kids. Please pray for them to finish well. They have major Spring fever. We will travel to Greece in June for a week for our Annual General Meeting, and then home to visit in the States for a couple of weeks. In the end of July I have a media trip to Bulgaria. Please pray for me as we plan and prepare. We are creating media to recruit volunteers and churches to partner together in reaching the Pomak people, an unreached group of Muslims in the mountains of Bulgaria.