Friday, December 7, 2007

Merry Christmas from Prague.

This time of year always makes us think about the reason we do what we do. Emmanuel--God with us. That pretty much says it all. I'm always amazed at how, in this country, with so many reminders of the truth--manger scenes, beautiful hymns, christmas masses--the people here don't relate any of it to the real Jesus who came and dwelt among us. We're doing all we can to push back the darkness and share the light of Christ with each person we meet. We constantly pray that God's Spirit will move in the hearts of the people and make them long to dwell in this light. Thank you so much for praying with us. We are seeing God at work.

Our Sunday evening English Club for kids has grown enormously over the past months. We now have about 30 kids every week, 25 of whom are not believers or from believing families. Radek and Pepa continue to come, and Radek brings his sister Sara now. Last week he brought another friend, Thomas. It has really been awesome to see God at work int his group. Every week, they hear the gospel and are finding out this year what Christmas really is about. Please pray for our upcoming program next week, December 16. The parents will attend a very Chrsit-centered presentation.
We have also begun teaching English to adults. We have about 5-7 students each week. They are not believers either. Our prayer is that we will develop relationships with them and be able to share Christ. After Christmas we will offer a continuation of class based on scripture, for any who are interested. Please pray for there to be some who will want to learn more about our faith in this format.

Preston has also seen some very exciting things happen lately. On his last trip to the States for a mobilization meeting in Nashville, he was able to sit beside a lady on the plane that was clearly ready to hear the Gospel. She read Preston's bible all through the flight and before they said good-bye she had become a believer. It was so exciting for Preston, and it happened on his birthday.

He was also in a meeting recently in Romania that was very exciting. The Romanian church leaders have really caught a vision for evanglizing Europe. He was able to meet with many pasotrs and talk about their vision and future plans. Many of those he met with were former students. He will return in January to do some teaching there--in Romanian. Pray for his language abilities to flourish during this time. It's tough to keep Czech words out of his vocab when speaking Romanian.

Thank you for supporting us with your prayers. We love you all--Merry Christmas.