Monday, February 12, 2007

February Madness

February is a busy month for us. Strategy Coordinator (SC) training is taking place at the office. This is our primary strategic training event that takes place 1-2 times a year. It will last for 3 weeks. We have volunteers here to take care of the kiddos and lots of special speakers coming and going. There are 6 families here for this training session--a small group, but a good one. Preston is in charge of the whole thing so this month is wonderful and busy for us. These 6 families are finalizing 6 months of work to develop a strategy for reaching their specific people group with the Gospel. This group has families Russia, Moldova, Hungary, Finland, Ukraine, and Poland. It is so exciting to see them come up with a God-inspired plan for making the good news of Christ accessible to their specific people. Please pray for them over the next few weeks; pray for Preston as he leads them; pray for the children as they continue with home-schooling under tutelage in a strange place; pray for the volunteers as they guide the children and try to make this month a memorable time; pray for good health for everyone!

The kids are out of school this week and loving the time off!! They all got their report cards for the 1st semester and did really well. Mostly A's and B's for David and Lauren in American school; 1's and 2's for Andrew and Jessica in Czech school (that's good). We praise God that they are all doing so well with classes and friendships.

The English Club that we have for the kids on Sunday night is going pretty well. We consistently have 7-8 kids who are unchurched that come--anywhere from 3-5 teens.Please pray for them to hear and understand the gospel and pray for us to have the right words to share effectively.

The adult's meeting that is supposed to be happening simultaneously is not going so well. It is poorly attended and rarely are there any lost people. Please pray for wisdom for the Czech leaders and Preston and Rodney (our Regional Leader) as they try to help our Czech brothers learn how to share Christ with their own people.

I would also ask you to pray for our whole region for physical and spiritual health. We have really had some major attacks from Satan on both fronts. Alot of conflict within teams and families, alot of people in the hospital, alot of emotional issues with teens, etc. Satan doesn't like what we're doing. That is actually encouraging.

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