Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm Home

My trip to Macedonia was really good. We got great interviews and video footage of the Roma people and heard stories of how God is at work among them in South Europe. Macedonia is a fascinating place with ruins that date back to Jesus' time. The city is now divided by a river with mosques towering over one side and an Orthodox cross over the other. The Roma are nominally Muslim but have never really given their hearts to any religion. They are one of the few people groups who have never had a significant religious revival in their history. We are praying for one now. Please pray with us.

I was accompanied on my trip by Kara and Krystal from Campbellsville Universtiy in Kentucky. Kara is a professor and Krystal is a student. They did great work and managed to survive a rough couple of days in an apartment with little heat, a clogged up tub and an challenging toilet. We were all tired and ready to get back to Prague, but we saw God use us, so it was very good.

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