Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the highlight of our year. We gather with our Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) missionaries for a time of worship, teaching, training and fellowship. We have about 100 volunteers who come to minister to us. Doctors, children's teams, educators to provide testing, security professionals to teach us about survival in a hostile setting, a preacher, member care folks to help any folks with difficulties, a worship team and many others. This year our preacher took us through Colossians. It was such a blessing to be ministered to in English. The worship team was from Grace Baptist in Nashville. This was their 7th year. We love them!! We praise God for the time with friends and our refreshed spirits.

Me and my good friend, Rachel

Preston and Kyle Kirkpatrick

The kids also had a great time. Their VBS was entitled "Galilee by the Sea." Perfect for our setting in Greece. Although we were there in the middle of a heat wave, the kids kept cool in the pool several times a day.

Andrew and his buddies in the musical

Jessie as "Megan", a cool girl who needs to learn about the power of Jesus

We also have a youth team each year. David and Lauren had a week with their MK friends and awesome worship led by Bruce Northam from Houstan. Of course when you get that many kids together in one place there will be a lot of noise and very little sleep! They came home with renewed vigor for the Lord and a desire to serve him anew.

Lauren doing the "lawnmower"--a tradtion on the last day of AGM

David dancing to the "lawnmower"

"zzzzz" on the plane home

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