Saturday, October 6, 2007

Musical Ministry

Our media team has been busy lately doing coverage on different types of music ministries. In August, Jeni Varnadeau and band came to Prague. Jeni is a christian artist who sang at the Southern Baptist Convention and has about 6 albums out. She is helping us promote volunteer missions for teens. She came here to shoot a music video that will be used for this promotion. It was a new experience to help shoot a music video--a lot of work goes into just one video. David and Lauren enjoyed helping with photography and gophering. We used several locations around Prague including our terrace and rooftop access for some shots.

Me interviewing Rory, keyboard player and Jeni's husband

David at work

Jeni and the band

Last week I was in Moscow for another media team project. There is a team of our missionaries there that work within the Arts community of the city to reach people for Christ. They brought in a Jazz band from the States along with some swing dance teachers. We are helping to promote the team in an effort to build prayer support and mobilize volunteers to come and help. The week was exhausting, but very good. The band was wonderful-believers from all over the States who were truly incredible musicians. Great contacts were made with key people in the Moscow Arts Community. Several people commented on how they could tell there was something different about the group, how the seemed to "have a light inside that shines out of them." Of course we were quick to point out that this was Jesus. Please pray for the Moscow Arts team as they continue to reach out to a key segment of society. For more information, check out their website at

Me with videographer Adam Covington and friend Tiffany Lorey

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