Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First Fruits

A few weeks ago a told you about a family who was seeing great things from a home bible study in the town of Olomouc. Well, now, three from that group have asked Jesus to save them!! Woo-hoo--and there was much rejoicing! In addition, the Czech man who is helping with the study, is thinking of working full time with this group to help it become a church. We are so thrilled to see God at work among these Czech people.

A second bit of good news is that there is a guy at our church who was recently saved. He was living in America at the time and was under some good teaching. He has moved back to Prague and is so fired up for the Lord. He and our Czech friend, Jiri, and Preston are meeting once a week to study the Bible together. We are really thrilled for this opportunity. Please pray for these three and for others to join them. Pray for continued excitement on the part of Lubos and for consistency in their times together.

Our kids' English club is finished for the year. It ended pretty well--though smaller in numbers. The good news is that 8-9 of the kids have signed up for English camp this summer. This is a Christian camp and the Gospel will be shared over and over with them. We also Praise God that He has provided a team from the States to come and lead the worship for us. Please pray for them as they prepare to come. The camp is August 16-23.

Another camp that our family will be involved with is a family camp in July. We are excited that God is filling the spots for this with Czech families that are open and eager to hear more about Jesus. Please pray for the volunteers coming for the States, the two families here that are involved, and the participants who will be there.

Exams are over for the kids tomorrow and then Summer really begins. We look forward to a week in Greece and two weeks in Georgia before our camps. We love you--thank you for your prayers.
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